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June 18, 2014

New Painting Studies!

In recent months I have been painting small landscape studies, focusing on new ideas and techniques. The three paintings shown below are examples of my new work. Painting with limited palettes and new mediums, I am exploring uncharted territories within my own artistic soul, searching for my personal vision in the art world.

Beach Trail 8x10, Acrylic

On the northern most end of Caumsett State Park, is a narrow trail that winds it's way along the beach. The landscape is made up of mostly grasses, small pines and marsh. I find trails to be intriguing. Where do they lead? Who walked them before me? What will I find around the bend? Trails have a certain amount of mystery to them...even when the land is flat, and you can see what is there.

Rocky Shoreline 8x10, Oil

I was inspired by the rocks, with their different colors and textures. Some are smooth, almost round, while others are rough and have sharp angles. Colors such as, pinks, blues, grays, oranges, greens, enhance the different personalities of each rock. How many storms they must have weathered? Do they like people climbing and sitting upon them? Facing west, I bet they have seen countless numbers of beautiful sunsets...but do they long to see a sunrise?

The Other Side 8x10, Casein

Through that wall of trees, one finds color and light in the field behind. I was out for an early morning walk when I spotted this scene. Unfortunately, I did not have my paint box with me...so I took some pictures instead. What I want to point out here, is this is my first painting using casein paints. I have never heard of casein before...let alone ever painted with medium. Casein has characteristics all of it's own, and cannot be compared to any other medium.

February 11, 2014

New Year, New Paintings, New Beginnings!

Hi all! Welcome to my new Art Journal page! In this journal, I will share my thoughts about painting and art in general.

Misty Mountain Trail 11x14, Acrylic

An early morning walk in the woods can yield many opportunities for paintings. On this particular walk, the sun was rising behind the trees in front of me and an early morning fog was just starting to lift. Through the trees was a hazy, misty atmosphere, and I knew I wanted to capture that feeling in paint.

Misty Mountain Trail, was the result of that morning walk. The rising sun had not yet crested the top of the trees, so the light was soft and even. Armed with my camera, I took a few shots of the scene...thinking back now, I wish I would have taken my paint box out that morning, instead. Usually, when scouting a new area for the first time, I find it easier to do with a camera instead of paint gear.

Normally I use oils, but I painted this using acrylics. I have been experimenting with Golden Open Acrylics since the summer...quite different from oils, but since they have a longer drying time, they can be applied using some of the same techniques. Overall, so far, I like the results.

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